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Residency Match 2021: Advising Students

Many changes are taking place for this year’s residency application and interviewing process for medical students. Faculty advisors are an important component to a successful Match, and we hope to provide useful materials to support faculty in their advising role. We encourage advising faculty to take advantage of the resources below.

AAMC Specialty Response to COVID-19

Several specialties have released guidance around their application cycle.


  • At-A-Glance Program Director Survey: This tool provides a snapshot of program director responses to the survey questionnaire; a PDF copy of the complete report can be viewed on the NRMP’s Residency Data and Reports page.
  • Interactive Charting Outcome in the Math: A data tool to assist Match applicants in determining their goodness of fit for specialties
  • Results of the 2019 NRMP Applicant Survey (PDF, 181 pages) This report presents the results of selected items from the 2019 NRMP Applicant Survey. The report documents factors that applicants weigh in selecting programs (1) at which to interview and (2) to rank in the Main Residency Match.

Residency Explorer Tool

This tool will allow students to explore and compare residency programs in 23 specialties and to compare students’ profile to applicants who matched at each program. Residency Explorer displays the most recent data available from collaborating organizations and sources, including AAMC, NRMP, ACGME, NBME/FSMB, NBOME, and the National GME Census Survey.

Texas STAR

Texas STAR, the first of its kind, is a nationwide survey and online tool administered by the UT Southwestern Medical School to help medical school deans, advisers, and fourth-year medical students navigate the Match process more effectively.

MCW has been participating in Texas STAR since 2018. Please contact Dr. Nai-Fen Su (naifensu@mcw.edu) to request access. View the video. After you activate your Texas STAR account, view the dashboard report.

Advising your Students on Residency Program Selection

Apply Smart for Residency

  • Competitiveness (EACM Criteria Identification Tool)
  • Location, training programs, culture, reputation, etc.