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Residency Match 2021: Virtual Interviews

AAMC Conducting Interviews During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Given the need for all of us to support the nation’s public health efforts, the AAMC strongly encourages medical school and teaching hospital faculty to conduct all interviews with potential students, residents, and faculty in a virtual setting – either by phone or through video conferencing.

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Addressing Implicit Bias in Virtual Interviews 

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Addressing Implicit Bias in Virtual Interviews 

During this webinar, participants will receive an overview of unconscious bias, reflect upon how their own biases manifest, and receive guidance on how to recognize and mitigate their biases when conducting, reviewing, and scoring virtual or in-person interviews.

This webinar is strongly recommended for anyone conducting interviews or evaluating interview responses.

Access the video or the job aid.

MCW Virtual Interview Resources 

MCW Video Interviewing: A Guide for Successful Residency Interviews 

MCW Big Interview Learning and Practice: (please use your MCW email to register an account)

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Virtual Interview Highlights

2021 Residency Interview Question Sample

Otolaryngology interview preference signaling program

Signaling allows applicants a reliable and equitable approach to demonstrate a sincere interest in specific programs. Residency programs could choose to incorporate signals in their interview consideration process.