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Skills for Thriving Through Change

Curriculum changes. Responsibility changes. Leadership changes. Many of us are feeling the effects of a professional environment that brings continuous changes. Here are some tips to thrive in dynamic work environments.

  • Develop a sense of resiliency. Continuous change is a fact in our world. To survive and thrive, individuals need to develop skills that strengthen their ability to face such change with strength and without intimidation. Develop a sense of comfort with being uncomfortable.
  • Concentrate on productivity. Allowing yourself to get consumed by politics and other such pursuits can drain your energy and take your focus away from the work at hand. Work to disassociate yourself from politics and argumentative people as much as possible so you can continue to produce high quality work of which you can be proud.
  • Keep learning. Keep up with new developments in your field and work environment. Don’t remain static in your knowledge or approaches – allow yourself to learn and try new things!
  • Embrace the change. Instead of focusing on difficult aspects of change, work to focus on how change may be beneficial to you and your position. With change can come opportunity – look for it!
  • Set your expectations. Knowing change is a constant presence, don’t expect things to remain the same for long periods of time. Adopt a mentality of appreciation for what is in the now and acceptance that it may not last.
  • Take pride in doing your part. Change can be very positive, taking what was once good and making it great. Take pride in being part of positive changes and the impact they can have on yourself and others.
  • Celebrate accomplishments. Take time to celebrate accomplishments with your colleagues, individuals that were at your side through a change process.