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Star Center Updates

Looks can be deceiving. If you walk into the newly renovated STAR Center, you may wonder what has changed. While the look of the Center remains much the same, it recently went through a complete technology refresh to better serve MCW’s simulation needs.

The refresh includes new hardware and a new hardware vendor, which changes all the programming on the back end of the workflow. The good news for users of the STAR Center is that functionally things run very similarly to before the refresh. However, the changes do come with a significant learning curve for our STAR Center staff.

All new cameras and microphones were included in the renovation. This means that recordings and livestreams are now available in HD quality. A new software system, CAE’s Learning Space, has replaced the historical B-Line system. Learning Space offers much greater flexibility and access than the previous system, allowing all users to access their data remotely as opposed to having access only when in the STAR Center. In addition, Learning Space offers integration with Zoom, presenting exciting opportunities for virtual simulation sessions.

“Simulation should be a first step in the process for developing our students,” says Kurt Stefan, STAR Center Manager. It is great for students to get experience in a safe setting with a mock patient or simulator to gain knowledge and confidence before they engage in actual patient care. And it isn’t limited to basic experiences. The Center can cover things in simulation that may not be available in the clinical setting. The sky is the limit.

First and foremost, STAR Center staff want users to have the perfect simulation experience every time and are working to make that happen. While there may be bugs to work out from time to time, they are dedicated to ensuring high quality sessions for all. Are you interested in learning more? Do you want to design a simulation session? Contact the STAR Center at 955-4600 or starcenter@mcw.edu.