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Teaching with Zoom

The Office of Educational Improvement’s Education Technology team recently completed a systems integration with Zoom, Brightspace, and Panopto. This integration allows courses to schedule teaching sessions that use Zoom directly in Brightspace, connecting the three systems to archive and offer materials seamlessly. Basically, this is a “one stop shop” to video conference, record, and archive recordings for student access.

Using Brightspace to schedule teaching sessions in Zoom automatically places the event on the course’s Brightspace calendar, complete with a link for learners to access the session. The integration also removes problems with lag experienced with Panopto livestream while placing a record of the event within that system for future access. In addition, Zoom offers breakout rooms and other features to facilitate learning not available with Panopto livestream.

Please be aware this integration does not work with HIPAA compliant Zoom accounts due to the need to record the session in the cloud. The individual who schedules the Zoom session(s) in Brightspace will serve as meeting host and should have a non-HIPAA Zoom account through MCW.

For more information on the integration and how to use Zoom for teaching sessions, refer to OEI’s Teaching in Zoom training document. For more information about teaching with Zoom, refer to Stonybrook University’s tutorial page. For assistance in designing Zoom teaching sessions, including using breakout rooms, contact educational_improvement@mcw.edu.