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The MCW School of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program begins second year

MCW School of Pharmacy teaching certificate program

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) School of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program successfully launched its second year with the enrollment of 34 pharmacy residents and pharmacists from Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The program began with a full-day orientation at the MCW-Milwaukee campus where participants were introduced to the program and fundamental teaching skills, such as creating meaningful learning objectives, delivering effective presentations and developing assessment questions.

“I decided to enroll in the Teaching Certificate Program because I was looking for an opportunity to enhance my skills in teaching and precepting,” says James Winslow, a Post-Graduate Year One (PGY1) pharmacy resident at the VA Medical Center. “I know that every single day is an opportunity for precepting either informally or formally with the people at the medical center.”

Upon completion of the Teaching Certificate Program, participants will have the training and experiences needed to teach students in an academic setting or to precept them in a healthcare setting. Practicing pharmacists and pharmacy residents can choose to complete the program requirements over one or two years. Participants who are interested in an academic career can elect to complete additional training and experiences to receive an Academic Educator Distinction. The Teaching Certificate Program’s requirements have been developed in alignment with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Accreditation Standards for pharmacy residency programs. The program also provides flexible opportunities to complete the learning modules online or in-person.

“I’m really excited for the didactic teaching portion, where I will be able to give a lecture to students and have them give me feedback to improve my teaching style,” says Jessica Arabi, a PGY1 resident at Froedtert Hospital. Teaching Certificate Program participants gain experience not only in the traditional classroom setting, but also in facilitating hands-on training in a lab setting. The Teaching Certificate Program emphasizes using innovative learning strategies such as active learning pedagogy, team-based learning, and new technologies and educational software. It provides participants with opportunities to learn in a collaborative environment and participate in interprofessional activities with members of other healthcare professions. 

Each participant is matched with a faculty member from the School of Pharmacy. The faculty member serves as a mentor, providing advice and feedback to throughout the program. “Mentorship is an essential aspect of being an educator,” says Kevin Bozymski, Assistant Professor and Vice-Chair of the Teaching Certificate Program. “By sharing my experiences with effective, and not-so-effective, teaching strategies, I am able to show my mentees that education is just like patient care, requiring continuous quality improvement.”

Teaching Certificate Program participants will create a teaching philosophy that reflects their individual teaching and precepting styles, including their personal values, goals, and the educational techniques or methods they utilize. “I have an interest in academia, so I really wanted to get the foundation necessary to be able to potentially pursue that field and to better my knowledge of teaching development and teaching philosophy,” says Domini Hood, a PGY1 resident at Froedtert Hospital. They also will develop a teaching portfolio that summarizes and showcases all of their program experiences.

“I hope to be able to develop a teaching style and identify ways to help students learn better. I want to be able to go out into practice confidently and be able to share my knowledge and skills with students,” says Arabi.

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