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EMS Professionals from the Medical College of Wisconsin Earn Awards and Grants at NAEMSP ® 2020

Milwaukee, February 13, 2020 - The National Association of EMS Physicians® (NAEMSP®) honored emergency medical services (EMS) professionals with grants, professional awards and research awards at the NAEMSP 2020 Annual Meeting, January 6-11, in San Diego, California.

Scott A. Kunkel, DO, NRP; Thomas Grawey, DO; Maureen Luetje, DO; Robert Treat, PhD, and Jason Liu, MD, MPH, from the Medical College of Wisconsin, won the award Best Disaster Research Presentation Sponsored by the National Disaster Life Support Foundation, for their study, “A Comparison of the Application of the SALT and START Triage Systems with Respect to Accuracy, Time to Completion, and Time to Application of Life-Saving Measures.”

“There are around a dozen different ways that triage can be performed, and no specific way has been determined to be the best,” said Dr. Grawey, assistant professor of emergency medicine. “Two of the most common triage systems are START and SALT. The goal of our study was to test these systems against each other to identify whether one system was better than the other in regard to accuracy, time to completion and time to application.”

2020 EMS award winners
Dr. Jason Liu, Dr. Scott A. Kunkel and Dr. Thomas Grawey
NAEMSP President David K. Tan, MD, EMT-T, FAAEM, FAEMS expressed his gratitude for the group’s dedicated members. “Many EMS professionals work hard to improve patient care not only through research and advocacy, but also by volunteering to help other professionals in organizations such as NAEMSP,” he said. “We’re proud of all of our members and the important work they do.”

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