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Expanding psychiatry reach throughout the state

Through partnerships with several health centers in the Green Bay and Wausau areas, MCW’s Northeastern Wisconsin and Central Wisconsin psychiatry programs place residents from all over the country in parts of the state where they are needed most.

“Even though there are only four of us, it still makes a huge difference in the community,” Utah-native Dr. Brooke Mastroianni shared with the Green Bay Press-Gazette about the Northeastern Wisconsin program. “I see myself (staying) in the area because there is such a need.”

These programs are long-term initiatives that bring in new residents each year to alleviate the psychiatrist shortage in northeastern Wisconsin. This year, the Green Bay area welcomed four new residents, and Wausau welcomed three.

These residents are passionate about improving their patients’ mental health, erasing mental health stigmas and addressing the psychiatrist shortage. They work directly with the psychiatrists practicing in these communities to help provide quality, cost effective and accessible mental health services.

A December report from The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found Wisconsin will need 247 more mental health professionals to meet experts' recommendations. Nationally, that number was nearly 3,400.

In addition, as reported by the Press-Gazette, Wisconsin’s youth suicide rate is far above the national average, and many families report long waiting lists and trouble accessing services, especially in small cities and rural areas.

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