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Female students from local high schools experience a day in the life of a physician at Ms. Medical Mastermind

Milwaukee, March 22, 2018 – High school girls donning white lab coats will fill the halls of the Medical College of Wisconsin campus this weekend as they walk through a day in the life of a doctor at the Ms. Medical Mastermind event. Hosted by the student organization American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), the event on Saturday, March 24, welcomes girls from local high schools who are interested in a health care career.

Each student walks through a series of skill workshops as they work through a fictitious patient case. At the fall 2017 event, the case was a female patient who had experienced a heart attack, and the students participated in a suture clinic workshop, clinical skills session and trip to the anatomy lab to visit the Anatomage table, which displays a virtual human body to explore.

Local female high school students participating in Ms. Medical Mastermind

"This event allows students to place themselves in the shoes of doctors, learning about how the medical chain of command works while also gaining valuable experience on collaborating with their peers," said Sivani Aluru, AMWA Ms. Medical Mastermind coordinator. "By fostering interest at this age and continuing to work with and motivate these students, we can really show them the power of having strong female role models in the field while hoping to inspire these students to become trailblazers for women in healthcare themselves."

A lunchtime panel of female healthcare professionals in a variety of positions will answer questions from students, such as how to achieve work-life balance, specific educational requirements and general advice for working in medicine.

"Events like Ms. Medical Mastermind help motivate and encourage our students to reach for more, and it informs them of the academic requirements for these careers," said Vanessa Vasquez, College and Career Readiness Coordinator for Carmen High School of Science & Technology. "Our students returned to school so inspired and motivated after having attended this event. The impact of the Ms. Medical Mastermind event on our students was very powerful and inspirational."

Activities from Ms. Medical Mastermind

Ms. Medical Mastermind at MCW has become such a popular event over the years that more than 200 students are on the wait list for the March 24 event. Anyone interested in participating in a future Ms. Medical Mastermind or learning more can contact the leadership team at

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