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Local Institution Receives Grant to Establish a Center to Provide Access to Genome Editing Tools

Milwaukee, April 17, 2019 – The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) received a $14.9 million award toward the development of a Dissemination and Coordinating Center (DCC) as part of the NIH Common Fund’s Somatic Cell Genome Editing (SCGE) Program. The goal of the SCGE program includes advancing technologies and models in hopes of leading to breakthroughs in genome editing into new therapeutic strategies.

The project’s primary investigators, Dr. Melinda Dwinell and Dr. Mary Shimoyama, are excited about the new technologies, methods, and data developed within the SCGE Consortium and shared within the consortium and broader scientific community which will prove to be a great benefit to ongoing research. “Through collaboration and advancement of novel therapies, genetic diseases such as inner ear deafness, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, Huntington’s disease, along with various other neuromuscular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases have the potential for treatment,” said Dwinell, PhD.

Melinda Dwinell, PhD Melinda Dwinell, PhD

Mary Shimoyama_Newsroom Headshot Mary Shimoyama, PhD

By serving as a hub to promote novel technologies and strategies, the SCGE DCC will foster collaboration across the 21 funded projects within numerous research institutions and academic medical centers. The SCGE DCC will gather and distribute project data and provide access to researchers, clinicians, and the public to the SCGE consortium data and discoveries through the development of a SCGE toolkit.

Dr. Dwinell and Dr. Shimoyama would like to acknowledge and appreciate the work of their valuable team members within the Departments of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering. They would also like to specifically thank Aron Geurts, PhD, David Mattson, PhD, Art Derse, MD, JD, and Ryan Spellecy, PhD, and Angela Lemke for their hard work and continued support.

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