2017 Ophthalmology Research Day Caps Third-Year Residents’ Time at MCW

2017 MCW Ophthalmology Research Day Group

Wisconsin’s future ophthalmologists and vision scientists gathered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 16 to share highlights from their studies over the past year for Ophthalmology Research Day. An annual program jointly organized by the ophthalmology departments from the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, it is centered on presentations from both schools’ second- and third-year ophthalmology residents.

In addition to those twelve talks, the audience were treated to a few presentations by department fellows and two poster sessions highlighting the work of residents, PhD students, postdocs and staff from both institutions. The research covered topics in visual acuity, retina disease, glaucoma, eyelid trauma, color vision, cataract surgery and ocular imaging, among others.

After all the presentations, the department gathered to celebrate MCW’s graduating ophthalmology residents and fellows. All three graduating residents will continue their ophthalmology training in fellowship programs: Carson Bee, MD, as a glaucoma fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham; Kelly Laurenti, MD, as a pediatric ophthalmology fellow at Northwestern University in Chicago; and Ryan Vogel, MD, as a retina fellow at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Meanwhile, Jasmina Bajric, MD, orbital and ophthalmic plastic surgery fellow, is remaining in academic medicine at the University of South Florida, while Alessa Crossan, MD, retina fellow, is going into private practice in Virginia.

Dr. Carson Bee at Ophthalmology Research Day

Third-year MCW ophthalmology resident Carson Bee, MD, presents "Safety, Efficacy and Refractive Outcomes of Small-incision, 4-point Scleral IOL Fixation."

Dr. Michael Eddins presents at Ophthalmology Research Day

Second-year MCW ophthalmology resident Michael Eddins, MD, presents "Utilizing Eswabs for Culturing Corneal Ulcers."

Dr. Yasemin Sozeri presents at Ophthalmology Research Day

Second-year MCW ophthalmology resident Yasemin Sozeri, MD, presents "Identifying Risk Factors for, Monitoring, and Treating ROP Recurrence After Intravitreal Bevacizumab."

Dr. Stephen Eyler presents at Ophthalmology Research Day

Second-year MCW ophthalmology resident Stephen Eyler, MD, presents "Implementation of the Runge Near Card for Visual Acuity Assessment in the Emergency Department."

Ryan Vogel, MD, listens to research of graduate student Ben Sajdak

MCW graduate student Ben Sajdak (right) shares his poster, "Retinal remodeling throughout hibernation in the 13-lined ground squirrel," with Ryan Vogel, MD, third-year MCW ophthalmology resident.

Victor Liou, MD, explains his poster to onlookers

First-year ophthalmology resident Victor Liou, MD, (center) has a captive audience as he explains his poster, "Successful probing of a pediatric dacryocystocele with abscess by visualization through the drainage incision."

Jonathon Young shares his research poster

MCW graduate student Jonathon Young shares his poster, "Mass spectrometry identification of aqueous humor protein changes after rabbit lensectomy with intraocular lens insertion," with University of Wisconsin ophthalmology faculty.

Katie Litts, PhD, explains her research poster at Ophthalmology Research Day

Katie Litts, PhD, MCW postdoctoral fellow with the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program, shares her poster, "Imaging of remnant cone structure in outer retinal lesions in macular telangiectasia (MacTel) type 2," with third-year resident Ryan Vogel, MD, (center) and Dennis P. Han, MD, Jack A. & Elaine Klieger professor of ophthalmology.

Erica Woertz explains her research poster at Ophthalmology Research Day

Erica Woertz, part of the MCW MD/PhD program, explains her poster, "Examining the relationship between cone density and Vernier acuity in human albinism," to Steven Seto, MCW Medical Student Summer Research Program participant from the University of Washington, while third-year MCW ophthalmology resident Ryan Vogel, MD, and MCW MD/PhD student Alison Huckenpahler have a discussion nearby.

Research Day photos courtesy Andy Manis and the University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

Class of 2017 MCW Ophthalmology Residents

After Ophthalmology Research Day, department faculty and staff gathered together to celebrate MCW's three graduating ophthalmology residents: (from left) Kelly Laurenti, MD, Ryan Vogel, MD, and Carson Bee, MD.