MCW Anesthesiology Research

The Research Division of the Department of Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin is nationally and internationally known for research in clinical and basic science. Our core mission is to generate new knowledge that will advance the clinically-relevant areas related to anesthesia and perioperative care. The Department is mostly funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and VA Merit Reviews.

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Anesthesia Research supports the department’s academic mission of outstanding clinical care, innovative teaching and state-of-the-art translational biomedical research. The Division is comprised of ten extramurally-funded full-time scientists as well as clinician-scientists.

Zeljko Bosnjak, PhD, FAHA and Yuichi HorikoshiEight principal investigators form the core of our clinical and translational research which studies: primary care pain management, pain biomedical informatics, mental health, pediatric chronic and acute pain, cardiovascular anesthesia, and anesthesia and respiratory neurophysiology.

Our basic research consists of eleven principal investigators studying: anesthetic-induced developmental neurotoxicity, stem cell-mediated myocardial regeneration, anesthetic-induced cardioprotection, human induced pluripotent stem cell biology, mitochondrial bioenergetics during I/R injury, central control of cardiovascular regulation, brainstem control of breathing, cellular mechanisms of pain, gene and cell therapy in chronic pain, cardiac electrophysiology, medical imaging, and extracellular matrix in chronic inflammatory diseases.

For those interested in focusing more heavily on research, view our T32-sponsored post-graduate Anesthesiology Physician Scientist Development Program.

I invite you to explore the unique and dynamic research and training opportunities we offer and to familiarize yourself with the research opportunities in Anesthesia Research.

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Research News

MCW Professors Drs. Camara, Kwok, and Stowe Awarded $650,000 VA Merit

Feb. 15 - MCW Professors of Anesthesiology Dr. Amadou K.S. Camara, PhD, Dr. Wei-Meng Kwok, PhD, and Dr. David Stowe MD, PhD, have been awarded a $650,000 merit from the Veterans Affairs Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development/Clinic Science Research and Development Merit Review Program.

Dr. Bosnjak Receives $9 Million NIH Grant

June 15 - Dr. Bosnjak Receives $9 Million NIH Grant to Study Susceptibility of Diabetic Hearts to Injury.