MCW Cardiovascular Center Signature Programs and Affinity Groups

Signature Programs and Affinity Groups of the CVC are designed to organize collaborative networks and to promote interactions among investigators with common and disease-oriented research interests. Accordingly, all Signature Programs and Affinity Groups will continue to serve as campus incubators in order to stimulate, exchange and nurture new ideas and develop novel research programs in basic, translational, and clinical research.

By design, Signature Programs are disease-oriented research programs, which are inclusively geared to transcend the chasm and to create opportunities from across MCW and all regional affiliated programs (e.g., Blood Research Institute, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Froedtert Health Systems, etc.). A formal affiliation with the CVC will not preclude scientists and clinical colleagues forging new collaborations that are dedicated to achieving the new objectives outlined below for the group.

In the spirit of the Olympics, each program received a classification of bronze, silver, or gold, with the higher medals being awarded to Signature Programs that have research with a more direct impact on clinical care, public policy, and community health, successful mentoring programs, acquisition of team-based grant funding, completion of clinical trials, and engagement of the community. The medal designation provides a consistent glide path to facilitate advancement toward the next medal, helps clarify resources needed to achieve these goals, and defines metrics used to assess success. By creating these programs (which are patient- or disease-specific, or both), we now have an incubator for driving the continuum of how research can be leveraged for quality patient care that improves the community’s cardiovascular health.

An essential requirement for the Affinity Groups is to become organized and further develop into a Signature Program. The size and composition of the Signature Program should contain investigators and clinician scientists/investigators who form critical alliances to enable these working groups to become the nucleus for a Program Project Grant, multiple PI/PD and multidisciplinary (U01) grants.

Signature Programs and Affinity Groups receive administrative support by the CVC and are eligible for CVC grants. The Cardiovascular Center recently offered multiple "Pre-PPG Awards" to promote team science. Please see the Funding and Scholarship Opportunities section of our website for more information.

This evolution of Affinity Groups should not discourage small groups of individuals functioning as extended lab meetings/journal clubs of labs working on interrelated problems. However, we believe these efforts for reorganization of Affinity Groups should accelerate the testing of new ideas in translational and health outcomes research while enhancing the success rate of research programs for extramural funding.

Please see our membership guidelines and application details for more information.

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Active Affinity Groups

Atherosclerosis image


A group fostering collaborative work to improve R01 grant content.

Cardio-oncology image


The emerging discipline of cardio‐oncology is designed to merge the complementary expertise of cardiologists and oncologists in a comprehensive care provider platform for cancer survivors.

Congenital heart disease image

Congenital Heart Disease

The focus of this group is to discuss lab techniques: capillary electrophoresis, real-time PCR, TaqMan, Affy chip analysis, Tissue Bank handling, sequence capture.

Free radicals image

Free Radicals

The focus of this group is to develop a PPG on mechanisms of reactive oxygen species in vascular signaling.

Hypertension image


The focus of this group is to integrate hypertension research at MCW and foster better communication among scientists working in the field.

Microvascular function image

Microvascular Function

The focus of this group is to discuss ongoing research, translational collaborations, and manuscript and grant submissions.

Microvesicle image


The focus of this group is to discuss ongoing and new research in the diverse microvesicle field.

Muscular dystrophy image

Muscular Dystrophy

This group will explore research options into possible genetic and pharmacological therapies for patients with muscular dystrophy diseases.

EKG image

Novel Use of EKG for LVH Diagnosis

The focus of this group is to foster collaborations between institutions.

Prevention image


This group will focus on research efforts to improve cardiovascular health and reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Regenerative medicine image

Regenerative Medicine

This group provides research progress updates.

Vascular biology image

Vascular Biology/Vascular Diseases

Alternate Journal Club and research presentation.

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