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MCW-Central Wisconsin is recruiting faculty for:

Clinical Course Instructors

MCW-Central Wisconsin continues to seek physicians who are interested in facilitating classroom learning for our M1 and M2 students. Facilitators have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions based on their interests and availability. All sessions will occur at the MCW-Central Wisconsin campus in Wausau, WI. 

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Central Wisconsin Integrated Clerkship (CWIC) Preceptors

The CWIC is the clerkship experience for MCW-CW students. Students will experience Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Medicine, and Neurology core clinical experiences in longitudinal integrated fashion.

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M1 Clinical Apprenticeship

As a volunteer clinical preceptor for this course, you will supervise a student in the office setting for a half day each week. You will also provide opportunities for students to practice history and physical exam skills during their clinical experiences.

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M2 Specialty Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Experience (SPLICE)

SPLICE is an opportunity for MCW-CW students to gain experience in your specialty to enhance their education, expose them to positive mentoring, and explore various specialty practices early in their medical training. Prior to SPLICE, students will have had a similar year-long longitudinal experience in a primary clinic and will have completed a 10-week summer clerkship.

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Basic Sciences

​There are opportunities for PhD faculty to lead small group discussions in many of our Basic Science courses. In this capacity, you would act as a facilitator, moderate discussions and add expertise. Additionally, in the M2 year, there are a number of opportunities for local sessions where basic scientists are paired with clinicians to explore how the science students are learning relates to clinical conditions. All materials are provided to the faculty member. Expectations would be to apply for an adjunct faculty appointment, facility discussion and provide feedback to students. Complete an interest form for yourself and send with your CV to the campus administrator, Theresa Gutsch ( to start the MCW Faculty appointment process. For more information on Basic Sciences courses, please call Dr. Roy Long, at (715) 870-0914.

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Pathways Organizations and Mentors

The MCW-Central Wisconsin Scholarly Pathways: The Physician in the Community provides opportunities to partner with a variety of public health or community-based agencies working to help ameliorate health-related issues of local relevance.

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