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Match Day 2017
Match Day 2017
Match Day 2017
Match Day 2017
Match Day 2017
On Friday, March 17, at exactly 11 a.m., graduating medical students at MCW found out where they will be serving their post-graduate residency training. On Match Day, a nationally computerized system gives the results of matches made between medical students and residency training programs across the country. 


“Suddenly now I’m actually going to be the pediatrician that I actually looked up to when I was little.”

Follow the excitement of MCW fourth-year medical student Brianna Glover as she opens the envelope revealing her future plans.

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ABOUT Match day

It's the day graduating medical students nationwide learn where they will be serving their post-graduate residency training.

For students participating in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), or The Match, it is the culmination of a year’s work to secure a Match. During the first half of their senior year, medical students apply for positions at residency programs of their choosing. In February, after they have visited program sites and been interviewed by program directors, the students enter their choices into a computer, in order of preference. At the same time, residency program directors nationwide enter similar rank order lists for the students they have interviewed.

Lists from each group are sent to the NRMP headquarters in Washington, DC, where a computer matches students and residency programs. The Match is programmed to give students their highest choice possible. Results are released simultaneously throughout the nation.

MCW Match Results


  • 190 students obtained first-year residency positions through the 2017 Match.
  • 32% of the students will remain in Wisconsin for residency training
  • 46 of MCW's graduating fourth-year students (24 %) will remain at Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals to serve first year post-graduate residency training
  • the greatest percentage of specialties represented were in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine



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National Match Day on March 17 can be quite stressful and emotional for graduating fourth-year medical students who find out that day where in the country they will do their residency. The Medical College of Wisconsin has a few Match Day customs that add some fun to the process.

The Senior Week Activities Committee offers students fill-in-the-blank Match Day t-shirts, which allow matched students to quickly announce to the world the specialty they chose and where they will be doing their residency. This tradition began in 1999, when the committee was originally formed, and has continued ever since. Someone on the committee is responsible for creating a new design each year, and it is a big hit with students. Nearly 70% purchase one for the big day.

Another custom that has been around for at least 25 years is that as students are randomly called up to receive their Match Day envelope, they put $1 in a pot, and the last person called up on stage wins the pot.


Pictured: Michael Parman models the MCW Match Day 2017 t-shirt. Michael is going into orthopaedic surgery and would like to stay in the Midwest if he can.


Michelle Grady started medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2013. Since then, she has endured thousands of hours of classes, labs, rotations and lectures – probably just as many hours studying – and 12 residency interviews. In May, she will graduate and officially earn her MD, but on March 17, which is the national Match Day for medical students, she will be handed a white envelope that tells her where she will do her four-year anesthesiology residency. The graduation is assured, but the information in the envelope is a relative unknown. It could end up being any one of the 12 places she interviewed.

“The thing that makes me most nervous is the thought of opening the envelope,” said Michelle, a Delafield, WI native who would like to be matched at MCW, or at least somewhere else in the Midwest, to be close to family and her fiancé. “I have high hopes of staying here. I’d be happy with the other places, but not having control makes me anxious.”

Match Day is when graduating medical students at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and their peers nationwide, learn where they will be serving their post-graduate residency training. On “Match Day,” which occurs at exactly noon eastern time, a nationally administered computerized system gives the results of the matches it has made between medical students and residency training programs across the country.

“There has been a lot of hype around Match Day,” Michelle offered. “I have been looking forward to it since Christmas. I kind of wish it had already happened.”

Michelle’s top three choices for where she does her residency are MCW, Northwestern and Cleveland Clinic. She plans to spend Match Day having a nice breakfast with her fiancé and family, attending the Match, and then celebrating briefly with friends before joining up with her family and fiancé again for a nice dinner.

Pictured: Michelle and her fiancé Paul Coates at her White Coat Ceremony

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