The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to foster the development of student physicians. This is accomplished through a variety of activities and services including Student Support Services and Career Counseling.


Dr. Carol Ping TsaoAssociate Dean
Carol I Ping Tsao, MD, JD
(414) 955-8256/ (414) 955-4812 l ctsao@mcw.edu

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for leadership and administration of all student affairs activities and also maintains responsibility for student discipline and accountability issues regarding academic standing, professional conduct, and implementation of student – related institutional policies.  Schedule changes, leaves–of–absence, transfers, withdrawals, and other matters pertaining to student status must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. 


  • Accommodations
  • Academic Standing and Professionalism Committee
  • Bulletin Board Approvals 
  • Dean’s Letters
  • Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Questions
  • Jury Excuse Letters


  • Leaves of Absence, Extended/5-year Curriculum
  • Match Day
  • Schedule Changes
  • SOAP Week
  • Student Awards
  • Various Important Forms Distribution

Office of Student Support Services
Student Support Services assists students with a variety of activities ranging from student organizations to social events to personal concerns.


  • Activity Transcripts
  • Advocacy                            
  • Alcohol Approval Forms
  • Children’s Halloween Festivities
  • Crisis Management
  • Orientation
  • Policy Issues
  • Senior Yearbook
  • Student Activities


  • Student Assembly
  • Student Concerns
  • Student Leadership Initiatives
  • Student Lounge
  • Student Organizations Including Council of Presidents (COPs)
  • Title IX Steering Committee

Marissa DuCharmeOffice of Student Affairs l Program Coordinator I
Marissa DuCharme, MS
(414) 955-8256 l maducharme@mcw.edu

The Program Coordinator administrates the daily activities in the Office of Student Affairs. As the “face” of the Office, the Coordinator assists and directs students, trainees, faculty and staff broadly toward the achievement of Office goals.



  • Academic Standing Letters 
  • ADA Accommodation Letters 
  • Administrative, Clinical and Health Requirements for all Medical Students 
  • Children’s Halloween Festivities
  • Commencement
  • General Inquiries for Student Affairs
  • Health Sciences University Student Handbook
  • Inquiries Regarding How to Reach Dr. Tsao
  • IRB Letters
  • Jury Duty Excuse Letters


  • Leave of Absence Letters
  • Match Day
  • Orientation
  • School of Medicine Student Handbook
  • Senior Week
  • Senior Yearbook
  • Student Activities
  • Student Assembly
  • Student Lounge
  • Title IX Steering Committee
  • White Coat Ceremony

Dr. Nai-Fen SuStudent Career Services                                     
Nai-Fen Su, PhD
(414) 955-4977 | naifensu@mcw.edu

The Career Services provide all students in the Medical School personalized and innovative services, programs, and resources focused on Career Assessment, Career Exploration, Career Decision-Making, and Career Preparation that achieve students’ career goals and success. The career counselor also assists you in preparing your CV and personal statements as well as providing one-one-one interview coaching for your residency program interview preparation. 

Learn more about the residency application process



  • AAMC Careers in Medicine Liaison
  • Career Advising
  • Career Assessment
  • Career Day – Medical Specialties
  • Career Decision Making


  • Career Exploration
  • Career Search: Clinical/ Non-clinical Careers
  • Residency Day – ERAS & Match Process
  • Residency Preparation: Resume/CV/Personal Statement critique, 1:1 Interview Coaching, and Mock Interview, etc.
  • SOAP Program
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