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The MCW Office of Technology Development (OTD) is responsible for managing the discoveries, inventions, and other intellectual property assets of the Medical College of Wisconsin and advancing these discoveries from Patents to Patients®.

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For Inventors

We specialize in helping you get your inventions to companies that can turn them into products that benefit patients:

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For Industry

The purpose of the MCW Office of Technology Development (OTD) is to move basic science research and fundamental discoveries into practical and commercially relevant applications and products. OTD can assist companies who are interested in research and technologies being developed at the Medical College of Wisconsin. OTD personnel evaluate and manage invention disclosures, oversee patent prosecution, facilitate industry collaborations, negotiate licensing agreements and assist in creating new businesses.

The Office of Technology Development prides itself on creating straightforward and satisfying partnerships, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of rapidly moving technologies from Patents to Patients®. Companies can expect to work with experienced professionals who have in-depth industry experience. By understanding industry goals and standards, the OTD team can expedite the licensing process and custom tailor agreements to meet a company's specific needs.

Successful business relationships begin by knowing and understanding the prospective partner. The Office of Technology Development is looking for partners who see the commercial benefit of MCW research and technologies and have the capability to develop early-stage technology that is typical of university research. The office wants its agreements to reflect: a) Commercial development of the technology for society's use and benefit, b) Compensation c) Management of potential conflicts of interest, d) Indemnification. Similarly, OTD wants to learn about the objectives, needs, and desires of the prospective commercial partner. The final agreement should incorporate each partner's needs so as to ensure a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship.

A typical partnership with MCW may involve several types of agreements which the Office of Technology Development can facilitate, including: confidentiality agreements (CDAs), consulting agreements, material transfer agreements (MTAs), sponsored research agreements, cooperative research agreements (CRADAs), joint ownership agreements and licensing agreements.

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MACC Fund Research Center (MFRC) 3056
8701 Watertown Plank Rd
Milwaukee, WI  53226
Phone:  (414) 955-4362
Fax:  (414) 955-6619

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Joseph Hill, PhD
Vice President
Office of Technology Development

Kalpa Vithalani, PhD
Licensing Manager
Office of Technology Development

James Antczak, PhD
Licensing Manager
Office of Technology Development