Pediatrics: Gastroenterology

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Recommended Protocol for Pancreatic Stimulation Test

Specimens collected via P catheter inserted through biopsy channel. Each specimen should be >0.5 ml if possible. Specimens should be placed on ice immediately, then frozen and stored at -75oC in an ultra-low freezer until ready to ship.

  1. Baseline collection (T0).
  2. Test dose of secretin (0.2 mcg) IV over 1 minute.
  3. Full dose of ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin for Injection) (0.2 mcg/kg) and CCK (Kinevac) (0.02 mcg/kg) IV over 1 minute. ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin for Injection) is available from ChiRhoClin, Inc. (301-476-8388;
  4. Specimens collected at 5, 10, 15 minutes following secretin/CCK (T5, T10, T15). We recommend using a duodenal aspiration catheter.
  5. Each specimen must be at least 0.2 ml.
  6. We will interpret results when samples are obtained as outlined in this protocol. If the protocol is not followed, we will continue to provide the results of pancreatic enzyme measurements but will be unable to interpret results.

Normal Values for individual pancreatic enzymes*:

  • Lipase > 146.0 moles/ml/min.
  • Amylase > 32.0 moles/ml/min.
  • Trypsin > 55.4 nmoles/ml/min.

*Pancreatic function can only be considered as normal when the pre-stimulated or 1 of the post-stimulated aspirates (usually 5-10 mins) attains respective levels of activity as indicated.
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