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The Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute, a national leader as a full-service academic ophthalmology center, is home to 25 physicians and five faculty vision scientists — along with a large team of optometrists and researchers — whose mission is to improve, restore and preserve sight. Learn more »

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Children's Eye Health and Safety Month banner

The Eyes Have It

During August’s back-to-school rush, MCW is reminding parents not to neglect an important tool for academic success: their children’s eyes.

Adaptive optics image showing the remnant cones in the ACHM retina

Imaging Achromatopsia

Eye Institute researchers are studying imaging tools that could help physicians determine the best candidates for gene therapy clinical trials to treat the genetic color vision disorder achromatopsia.

Joseph C. Besharse, MD

Clockwork Eyes

Vision researcher Dr. Joseph C. Besharse looks to the eye to understand how the body ticks

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