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We conduct cancer clinical trials to provide cutting edge technologies and treatments and advance research outcomes for patients. Our physician scientists and other providers treat over 4,000 new cancer cases each year and enroll patients on over 200 currently active cancer clinical trials. We have dedicated space for clinical research and the region’s only Translational Research Unit, designed just for patients participating in early phase (phase I/II) clinical trials. As our laboratory research leads to important new targets in the war on cancer, a dedicated unit to perform first in human cancer treatment trials makes these promising treatments available to patients sooner.
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Phase II Trial for Advanced Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

This study is for women with advanced recurrent ovarian cancer, a patient population with few good options. The phase II study investigates the efficacy and safety of pembrolizumab, a PD-1 inhibitor that has shown success in treating other cancer types. 

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First in Human CAR-T Trial Now Treating 11th Patient

For patients whose treatment for diffused large B cell lymphoma ended unsuccessfully this new clinical trial may present renewed possibilities for hope along with understanding medicines new frontier.

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Four Oncology Treatment Advances to Watch

Jim Thomas, MD, PhD, Medical Director of the MCWCC Clinical Trials Office, shares the latest on personalized cancer treatment in Managed Healthcare Executive.

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