Clinical Trials Office Leadership

James Thomas, MD, PhD

Associate Director of Translational Research and CTO Medical Directorjim-thomas

A gastrointestinal medical oncologist, Dr. Thomas has served as CTO medical director since its 2012 inception. Prior to this appointment, he served as medical director for the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center CTO. At the Medical College of Wisconsin, he is responsible for the integration and translation of basic science research into the clinic and clinical research into the community. He ensures that personnel at every level carry out robust policies, procedures and best practices related to clinical trials.

"As a physician, I want to offer my patients the best options possible. As a cancer redox biology scientist, I seek to answer scientific questions to better understand cancer and make regimens less toxic and more effective. This, in essence, is what we all do each day. Using rigorous science, we continually improve treatments and enhance the lives of our patients." 

Betty Oleson, BSN, RN, CCRP

CTO Administrative Director

Betty Oleson provides overall management of the adult CTO, including budget, resource projections and quality control functions, assessing staff performance and compliance with good clinical trials practices. She supervises all clinical research managers and teams, including regulatory and education and quality assurance.

"It is a great pleasure to build and to continue to enhance our CTO infrastructure so we can offer our patients the newest cancer therapy options. I am so proud of our top-notch team, which is committed to excellence. Staff are truly dedicated to their patients, with whom they have the privilege of working at a critical life juncture." 

CTO Team Managers

Budget and Finance

Brenda Brito, BS BA
Senior Financial Planning Strategist | (414) 805-8268

Training, Education and Quality Assurance

Rebecca Selle, BS, CCRP
Education/Quality Assurance Manager | (414) 805-8748

Bone Marrow Transplant and Cell Therapy

Debra Pastorek, MS, RN, CCRC
BMT and Cell Therapy Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-6837


Breast, Central Nervous System Team

Maria Pigsley, RN, CCRP
Breast, Central Nervous System Team Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-0791


Skin, Head/Neck, Sarcoma, Thoracic

Gerard Coly, MD, MPH
Solid Tumor Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-4380

Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials 

MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinical Trials Office
(414) 955-4727

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Early Phase Team

Katy Schroeder, RN, OCN, CCRP
Early Phase Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-8843

Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary Team

Stacey Zindars, MD, CCRP
GI/GU Team Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-8913


Matt Lasowski, MSc, CCRP
GYN Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-5337



Paulette Jacobs, BS, MS, CCRP 
Hematology Clinical Research Manager | (414) 805-4594


Regulatory Team

Bruce W Steinert, PhD, CCRA
Research Regulatory Manager | (414) 805-4196


Outreach/Affiliate Sites

Nedra Johnson, BSN, RN, CCRP
Clinical Research Nurse, Affiliate Sites 

CTO Managers