Reducing Cancer in 29 Wisconsin Counties

Kirsten Beyer, PhD, MPH, MSTo begin to identify, measure and collaboratively address cancer disparities in our catchment area, MCW Cancer Center member Kirsten M. Beyer, PhD, MPH, MS, examined breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancer incidence as well as late-stage incidence and mortality in the eight-county region surrounding MCWCC.

These maps were created using adaptive spatial filtering, a disease mapping method. In adaptive spatial filtering, a grid of points is placed over the study area, and for each grid point a rate is calculated, using a circular filter that expands, based on a threshold specified by the user, to obtain data from multiple locations until enough observations are gathered to calculate a stable rate. The resulting maps display disease rates as a continuous surface.

Dr. Beyer's analysis shows significant disparities in cancer incidence, late-stage incidence and mortality for lung, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer by race, ethnicity and geography in southeastern Wisconsin. Additional work from her research team revealed that Black/African American and Hispanic/Latina women experience poorer survival than non-Hispanic White individuals for breast cancer, and that Black/African Americans experience poorer colorectal cancer survival than Whites in southeastern Wisconsin.

Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survival Disparities in Southeastern Wisconsin
Wisconsin Medical Journal | February 2016

Her work continues, as her lab has partnered with several of our Cancer Center members and other equity experts across the U.S. to examine the impact of several social justice issues on cancer-related disparities in our catchment area and beyond.

Recent Publications

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Cancer Maps of Southeastern Wisconsin

Colorectal Cancer
Female Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer


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Prostate Cancer


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