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Announcements, Accolades and
Achievements of AOIP Members


Members of the AOIP, current and alumni, continue to be recognized for their leadership and outstanding achievement in their professional careers. Their contributions to vision science and dedication to ophthalmology are evident in the awards and accolades listed below. Congratulations AOIP members!

Faculty and Staff Updates

Joseph Carroll, PhD

  • Installation as Richard O. Schultz, MD/Ruth Works Professor in Ophthalmology
  • Promoted to Professor of Ophthalmology, Biophysics, and Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
  • Recipient of Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Teacher
  • Graduate School Alumnus of the Year
  • Recognized as a Silver Fellow in the ARVO Fellows Class of 2015
  • Featured in the spring MCW alumni magazine

Alfredo Dubra, PhD

  • Promoted to Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Biophysics, and Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

Deborah Costakos, MD, MS

  • Promoted to Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
  • Participant in PEDIG, the national Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group
  • Selected by the Leadership Academy Admissions Committee for the 2015-2016 MCW Leadership Academy

Dennis Han, MD

  • Recognized for Long-Term Faculty Service (25 years)

Judy Kim, MD

  • Appointment as Vice Chair of the Diabetic Retinopathy Research Network
  • Telemedicine video project "Eyes on the Future" placed third in the ProjectMED video competition

Phyllis Summerfelt

  • Recognized for Long-Term Service (20 years)

Resident, Fellow and Student Updates

Chris Langlo

  • Attended the 23rd Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society where his talk entitled "Longitudinal Measurement of Cone Density in Congenital Achromatopsia" won the ICVS Award for best trainee presentation.

Ben Liu

  • Inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society.

Edward Randerson

  • Presented his poster, In Vivo AOSLO Imaging of Retinal Detachment Associated Pathology, at the annual Medical Student Research Day Poster Session at MCW. His presentation placed among the top 10 candidate posters for which he received a $500 prize.

Ben Sajdak

  • Featured in the UW Oshkosh Alumni profile
  • Accepted into the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory course entitled 'Vision: A Platform for Linking Circuits, Perception, and Behavior' in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. This program offers its students an intensive two week course covering the whole visual system, from retina to cortex and beyond. Ben was able to present his work on noninvasive imaging of ground squirrel retina to fellow vision scientists from across the globe.

Jonathon Young matriculated into the Neuroscience Doctoral Program

Drew Scoles, PhD, successfully defended his PhD thesis “Expanding the Applications of Adaptive Optics Scanning Light Ophthalmoscopy”

AOIP welcomed eight summer students: Jonah Robison, Jamil Khan, Rachel Linderman, Madia Russillo, Rebecca Mastey, Ryan O’Toole, Jaden Burns, Alana Trotter.

New PhD students joining the AOIP are Alison Huckenpahler, Alexander Salmon and Ben Sajdak


AOIP Group Honors and Achievements

  • AOIP paper receives 2015 Garland W. Clay Award. The paper “Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging: Emerging Clinical Applications,” was awarded the 2015 Garland W. Clay Award by the American Academy of Optometry. This award is presented to the author or authors of the manuscript published in Optometry and Vision Science that has been most widely cited in the world of scientific literature in the preceding five years. Authors of this paper were former AOIP members: Pooja Godara and Adam M. Dubis, AOIP collaborators: Austin Roorda, and Jacque L. Duncan, and AOIP co-director: Joseph Carroll.
  • Joe Carroll, PhD, and Kimberly Stepien, MD, presented at Froedtert & MCW Presidents' Advisory Council on the topic of “Advances in Research and Treatment on Macular Degeneration.”
  • Judy Kim, MD, Velinka Medic, Sally Cho, Matthew Braza, et al. Placed third in the AAMC ProjectMed video competition with their video, “Eyes on the Future.”
  • Judy Kim, MD, Kimberly Stepien, MD, David Weinberg, MD, Dennis Han, MD, and Tom Connor, MD were all named to the 2015 Best Doctors in America list.
  • AOIP members participated with friends and family as a part of the Eye Institute’s team at the 2015 Foundation Fighting Blindness VisionWalk.
  • Twenty-five ARVO 2015 annual meeting presentations.
  • MCW and the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) co-Hosted a mini-conference for Albinism at MCW.


  • Alfredo Dubra, PhD, received a National Eye Institute R01 grant entitled “Axially-resolved Spectroscopic Ophthalmic Imaging.” Kimberly Stepien, MD, and David Weinberg, MD, are Co-investigators on this grant.
  • Alfredo Dubra, PhD, and Joseph Carroll, PhD, received one of five National Eye Institute Audacious Goal Initiative U01 grants entitled “Platform Technologies for Microscopic Retinal Imaging: Development & Translation.”
  • Alfredo Dubra, PhD, received a Glaucoma Research Foundation grant entitled “Catalyst for Cure 2.”
  • Joseph Carroll, PhD, received a Thome Foundation Awards Program for Age-related Macular Degeneration Research. Kimberly Stepien, MD; Tom Connor, MD and Alfredo Dubra, PhD, are Co-investigators on this grant.
  • Joseph Carroll, PhD, and Ted De Yoe, PhD, received a National Eye Institute R01 grant entitled, “Retinal Versus Cortical Contributions to Vision Loss in Albinism.” Alfredo Dubra, PhD, is a Co-investigator on this grant.
  • Joseph Carroll, PhD received a Clinical & Translational Science Institute pilot award entitled “A Pilot Study to Investigate Automated High-performance Software Pipelines for Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Data Sets.”
  • Joe Goveas, MD, received the top MCW Neuroscience Research Center grant review during the MCW NRC’s review process (which included two outside reviewers) last November for his grant entitled “Retinal Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease.” Alfredo Dubra, PhD and Joseph Carroll, PhD are Co-investigators on this grant.
  • Judy Kim, MD, received a Clinical & Translational Science Institute pilot award entitled “Near-Infrared Photobiomodulation for the Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema.” Joseph Carroll, PhD, Janis Eells, PhD, and Tom Connor, MD, are Co-investigators on this grant.
  • David Weinberg, MD received a University of Chicago Diabetes Research and Training Center Pilot grant entitled “Adaptive Optics Vascular Imaging In Diabetic Retinopathy.” Alfredo Dubra, PhD, and Joseph Carroll, PhD, are Co-investigators on this grant.

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