AOIP Alumni

We are proud of the numerous Alumni of the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program, many who have pursued careers in ophthalmology, vision science, or imaging-related fields.  Their contributions have elevated the program to its current state, and continue to inspire new generations of students, residents, and fellows.

PhD and MS Students, Ocular Imaging Fellows, and Staff Alumni

  • Adam Dubis, PhD 2007 - 2012  PhD Student - Dr. Dubis continues his work in ophthalmic research as the Advanced Retinal Imaging Specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College London

  • Brett Schroeder2006-2012 Engineer - Mr. Schroeder is currently an Implementation Specialist at Wonderbox Technologies.

  • Pooja Godara, MD 2011-2012 Ocular Imaging Fellow - Dr. Godara is currently a PGY2 resident at the Callahan Eye Institute UAB.

  • Ashavini Pavaskar, MS 2009-2011 Master’s Student - Marquette University Biomedical Engineering Program.  Ms. Pavaskar is currently at Bioptigen Inc.

  • Hitesh Tanna, MS 2008-2009 Master’s Student - Marquette University Biomedical Engineering Program

  • Diane (Tait) Bishop, PhD 2008-2009 Research Fellow - Dr. Bishop is currently the Director of Development at the Eye Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • Jesson Martin, PhD 2007-2008 Research Fellow - Dr. Martin is currently a Senior Engineer at Alcon Laboratories.

Other Alumni

  • Savannah Anderson (MSOE Internship student, 2010-2011)

  • Nazia Ayub, MD (MSSRP Student, 2008)

  • Brittany Bartlein (SPUR Student, 2012)

  • Kathleen Bazank (SPUR Student, 2013)

  • Hellen Chiao, MD (MSSRP Student)

  • Jason Croskrey, MD (Physician Scientist Pathway, 2013, MSSRP Student, 2010)

  • Charles Fields (SPUR Student, 2010)

  • Robert Garrioch (SPUR Student, 2011)

  • Alison Gegios, MD (SPUR Student, 2008)

  • Benjamin Hansen (SPUR Student, 2010)

  • Will Howenstein, MD (SPUR Student, 2008)

  • Bradley Julga (ROADS Program, 2012)        

  • Jackson Lever (Research elective mentor, 2009)   

  • Rachel Martin, MD (MSSRP Student, 2009)

  • John McAllister, MD (MSSRP Student, 2007,
    Honors research mentor, 2009)

  • Gwen Musial (SPUR Student, 2013)

  • Rick Nordgren, MD (MSSRP Student, 2009)

  • Dan Odell, MD (MSSRP Student, 2009)

  • Shawn Ostler, MD (MSSRP Student, 2009)

  • Alex Pechauer (PURE Student, 2012)

  • Cory Siebe, MD (MSSRP Student, 2009)

  • Christina Sloan, MD (SPUR Student, 2009)

  • Philip Sommer, MD (Physician Scientist Pathway, 2013,  MSSRP Student, 2010)

  • Michele Stoehr (SPUR Student, 2010)

  • Summer Thompson, MD (SPUR Student, 2009)

  • Melissa Wagner-Schuman, MD, PhD (Physician Scientist Pathway, 2010-2012)


Adam Dubis, Joe Carroll


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