Service activities at the National Biomedical EPR Center are diverse in nature and include

  • Provision of engineering drawings, advice, and, in some cases, hardware;
  • Assistance with construction of EPR and sample-handling equipment;
  • Carrying out of HFSS simulations to assist in resonator design;
  • Provision of novel spin traps and synthetic methodology;
  • Recording and analysis of EPR spectra at 1–35 GHz;
  • Provision of advice regarding commissioning, testing, and maintaining of cryogenic equipment;
  • Matrix diagonalization computer simulations; and
  • Performance of rapid-freeze quench spectrokinetic experiments.

These activities involve the entire complement of faculty and staff at the EPR Center and often graduate students.

To apply for EPR Center services, email or contact the faculty member with whom you previously worked.

For general advice concerning EPR spectroscopy, email or contact any faculty or staff member.

Additional details of EPR Center services are provided below.

  • Training
    • Training is available for young scientist for up to a two-week visit, with some financial support. A new type of training for advance visitors is now offered for one to three months.
    • Principles of EPR Training Workshops were held in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2015. They are developed to offer practical, specific training for students and postdocs new to EPR technology.
  • EPR spectrometer availability
  • EPR spectra from samples
  • Engineering assistance


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