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Meet Abby Haak

Abby Haak, MA

Abby Haak, MA
Medical Education Coordinator    

Student Support Philosophy:
“As the Medical Education Coordinator for the MSA Program, I understand the need to support the varied and complex journeys of students as they work to become Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants. Effective academic support is a crucial factor that contributes to both student and program success and guides the experiences of student learning. By connecting students with the wide range of support services MCW provides and ensuring transparency through clear communication of policies and procedural guidelines, I believe our students will be well equipped during their academic career at MCW.”

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  Education and Experience

Master of Arts in Gender and Women’s Studies (MA) - Minnesota State University, Mankato
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) - Ripon College


  Research and Achievements

Haak, Abby Marie, "The Embodiment of Masculinity among Trans* Identified Men" (2014). All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects. Paper 296.


Women of Courage and Vision Award- Minnesota State University, Mankato - 2013, 2014

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