Letters of Recommendation

Medical College of Wisconsin

Letters of Recommendation


The following letters of recommendation are required for all programs:

Undergraduate Letters—All applicants must submit undergraduate letters. This requirement may be satisfied via one of the following options*:

  • Premedical Advisory Committee Letter (if applicable): This is generally a single letter, but may have other letters attached.
  • Undergraduate letter packet: This is generally a packet of letters gathered by a centralized office on your campus and forwarded together under one cover letter.
  • Two separate letters from academic sources:  You should request individual letters from two separate faculty members who have instructed you in a course in which you received a grade. It is strongly recommended that one of the faculty members have taught you in a science course. Letters from a principal investigator (PI) generally do not qualify as an academic source for this requirement, but should instead be submitted as an optional letter of recommendation.

*The undergraduate letter requirement is waived for applicants who graduated more than five years ago.

Graduate Letters—Those applicants who are currently attending or have attended graduate school must submit an additional letter from their graduate school.

  • If you have recently been accepted:  You are not required to submit a letter of recommendation.
  • If you are currently enrolled: You must submit one letter of recommendation from a professor or thesis advisor.
  • If you were previously enrolled: You must submit one letter of recommendation from a professor or thesis advisor.

Optional Letters—In addition to the above requirements, you may submit up to three optional letters. These are generally personal or professional in nature and are not required to complete the application.

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP - MD/PhD) will review the letters of recommendation submitted with your Medical School application; please be sure there is at least one letter written by a research mentor to support your career as a physician-scientist.

Page Updated 06/09/2017