Welcome to the Ombuds Office

Medical College of Wisconsin Ombuds OfficeThe Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, informal and neutral resource for Medical College of Wisconsin faculty, staff physicians, postdoctoral fellows and staff to voice concerns or seek guidance. We assist with interpersonal misunderstandings or disputes as well as those with concerns about administrative issues. We attempt to help individuals resolve their concerns equitably and, if possible, informally.

Our Core Principles

We are confidential

We will not identify you or discuss your concerns with anyone without your permission. The only exceptions to this pledge of confidentiality are when the Ombuds determines that there is an imminent threat of harm or if the Ombuds is legally compelled to report the situation.

We are independent

We are independent of central administrative offices and are not aligned with any campus department or group.

We are informal

Any communication with us is "off the record" and does not put the Medical College on formal notice.

We are neutral

We do not take sides. We consider the rights and interests of all parties. We are advocates for good communication and fair process.

The Ombuds Office Does:

  • Listen and discuss workplace questions, concerns and complaints
  • Offer a SAFE place to discuss your concerns
  • Informally investigate complaints
  • Explain Medical College of Wisconsin policies and procedures
  • Facilitate communication between people
  • Advise individuals about steps to resolve problems informally
  • Assist with problems that have not been resolved by other offices
  • Make appropriate referrals when informal options don't work

The Ombuds Office Does Not:

  • Participate in formal grievance processes
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Make administrative decisions for the Medical College
  • Determine "guilt" or "innocence" of those accused of wrong-doing
  • Assign sanctions to individuals
  • Serve as witness in administrative or legal proceedings, unless compelled to do so
  • Receive official "notice" for the Medical College
  • Maintain records that identify visitors to the office

How to Contact Us:Peter Layde, MD, MSc

Peter Layde, MD, MSc

Jenny Her
Assistant to the Ombuds

Ombuds Office
Curative Building, Room 2512
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 266-8776 (confidential line)
(Please dial entire 7-digit number to reach Ombuds)

To contact the Office, call us confidentially any time at (414) 266-8776. The Office of the Ombuds is staffed by an assistant, Jenny Her, who will arrange for scheduling with one of our three ombuds:

  • Natalie Fleury, JD
  • Peter Layde, MD, MSc
  • Michelle Shasha, PhD

You may provide information and also tell us how to reach you – or you may choose to remain anonymous. You may make a telephone appointment or you may meet with us in person. If you would like an appointment, and we are not immediately available, leave a confidential message and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please be aware that confidentiality may not be assured if you elect to contact us via e-mail.

We make every effort to schedule appointments as quickly as possible, depending on the schedule of the visitor. Because of the ombuds’ duty to remain a neutral party to individual or organizational concerns, we recommend that you meet with an ombuds with whom you have not had a prior working or personal relationship.

Due to our confidential, neutral, informal and independent role, a consultation with the Ombuds office is not official notice to MCW and does not satisfy or trigger any deadlines used for more formal complaint mechanisms.

Directions to the Ombuds Office

Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 955-8296
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