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MCW building and signThe Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Radiology brings together nationally recognized physicians and scientists, state-of-the-art equipment and patient care programs at affiliated, tertiary level care teaching hospitals on a regional medical center campus.

Vincent P. Mathews, MD, Chair of RadiologyVincent P. Mathews, MD

Chair, Department of Radiology
James E. Youker, MD, Professor in Radiology

Welcome to the Department of Radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The Department is dedicated to providing high-quality, patient-centered subspecialty clinical care, advancing basic science, translational and clinical imaging research, and training the next generation of radiologists and imaging scientists.

The Department of Radiology provides clinical service to Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the Zablocki V.A. Medical Center. In July 2017, we will also begin service at Community Memorial Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend. We provide ambulatory imaging services at a number of CDI locations as well as F&MCW Community Physician medical centers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. On October 1, 2016, we began providing 24/7 in-house subspecialty radiology coverage for our adult patients. We have developed an Emergency Radiology section that provides emergency radiology expertise overnight for the Froedtert Hospital system. Our eight sub-specialty sections provide coverage during the day and the evenings and provide backup coverage overnight. Our Pediatric Radiologists are responsible for pediatric imaging studies at all times for both Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and some Froedtert Health sites. We have a strong clinical quality program throughout our practice and both Froedtert Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin have been recognized by the American College of Radiology as Diagnostic Imaging Centers of Excellence. Read more about the MCW Department of Radiology


The MCW Department of Radiology will provide the highest quality, cutting edge, patient centered diagnostic and interventional services, perform internationally recognized research to advance patient care, and educate excellent clinicians and radiologists.


The MCW Department of Radiology will be a leading patient care provider of diagnostic and interventional services. We will:

  • Deliver high quality, value-added, subspecialty clinical care.
  • Develop and advance basic science, translational and clinical research.
  • Provide outstanding training programs and become a destination of educational excellence.


May 2017
  • Jill Hammersley, MD, lectured at 68th Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Radiological Society (WRS). Dr. Hammersley presented, “Screening Mammography: What Every Radiologist Needs to Know and How the New York Times Got It Wrong.”
  • Julie Sullivan, MD, lectured at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Radiological Society (WRS). Dr. Sullivan presented, “Implementing Tomosynthesis Into Practice.”
  • The MCW Medical Physics Residency Program, under the direction of Yu Liu, PhD, has been approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP).
  • Stacy O’Connor, MD, was elected to serve as a member of MCW's Faculty Information Technology Committee for a three-year term of 2017-2020.
  • Dr. Joshua Pohlman’s work with Dr. Nghia Vo on bilateral congenital diaphragmatic hernias was designated as a ‘Best Case’ at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) conference in Washington, DC.
  • Peter LaViolette, PhD, was awarded a grant through NovoCure, a company that makes the TTField glioblastoma treatment systems. The grant is $295,000 over four years; $220,000 is direct funds.
  • Sarah White, MD, MS, FSIR, is the recipient of a $20,000 supplemental award from the MCW Cancer Center for her ACS Pilot Research Project titled, “Develop a new magnetically triggered oxaliplatin nanoparticle to treat colorectal liver metastases.”
  • Kathleen Schmainda, PhD, received funds from Novocure for research project "Assessment of Optune Therapy for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma using Advanced MRI" comparing standard versus advanced MRI for ability to predict response to Optune therapy. The project is budgeted for $160,070 over two years.
  • Dr. Yang Wang’s paper, “Multiband multi-echo imaging of simultaneous oxygenation and flow timeseries for resting state connectivity” was selected for inclusion in the PLOS ONE 10-year anniversary dataset collection.  Only four papers are selected for the Neuroscience category.  MCW co-authors include Drs. Alexander Cohen, and Andrew Nencka.
  • Sarah White, MD, MS, FSIR, was inducted as a fellow of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR). The induction ceremony was at the SIR March 2017 annual meeting in Washington, DC.

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