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eBridge Help Desk Service Request

To expedite the request process, please provide as much detail as possible. 
Screenshots and Documents that provide additional information can be
emailed to the Help Desk, but make sure to reference your issue so
another ticket is not opened.

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*Your Name



*Submission ID
e.g., AUA1234, PRO5678, FP951, IBC246, N/A

If this is a Funding Proposal, provide grant deadline

*Description of Problem
 Current State; What you are trying to do;
 What steps you may have taken

Error Messages (if any)
 (Provide the exact text of the error message or email a screenshot)


For problems with the Registration Form,
select the activities for which you use eBridge

  Animal Submissions
  Funding Proposals
  Human Subject Research
        CITI Member ID (if applicable) 


Accessing eBridge - if possible, please provide the information below.
There are known issues with browsers, etc., and finding out up front your
specific system setup may help us provide you with a quick solution.
Need help finding your browser version?


 Operating System

 Network Location

 If Other


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