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Department of Radiology
Medical College of Wisconsin

Vincent P. Mathews
, Chairman

William S. Rilling, Vice-chair, Clinical Affairs
Mark D. Hohenwalter, Vice-chair, Education
Kathleen M. Schmainda, Vice-chair, Research
Greg Hill, JD, Department Administrator


Section of Neuroradiology
John L. Ulmer, Section Chief
W. Douglas Brown
Sonia B. Gill
Andrew P. Klein
Leighton P. Mark
Vincent P. Mathews
Michelle A. Michel
Scott D. Rand
Robert J. Rilling
James M. Strottmann

Section of Nuclear Medicine
Robert S. Hellman, Section Chief
Hong Chen
Arthur Z. Krasnow

Section of Pediatric Radiology
Nghai (Jack) N. Vo, Section Chief
Kevin P. Boyd
Patricia E. Burrows
Tejaswini K. Deshmukh
David C. Gregg
Teresa G. Kelly
Mohit Maheshwari
Arthur B. Meyers
David C. Moe

Sheila G. Moore

Carla V. Quijano
Hervey D. Segall


Section of Abdominal Imaging
W. Dennis Foley, Section Chief
Francisco A. Quiroz, Director, Ultrasound
Mark D. Hohenwalter, Director, Body MRI
Joseph J. Budovec
Scott J. Erickson
Charles E. Kahn, Jr.
Paul M. Knechtges
Cesar A. Lam

Charles S. Marn
, Director, GI

Gary S. Sudakoff, Director, GU
Parag P. Tolat

Section of Breast Imaging
Mary Beth Gonyo
, Section Chief
Kelly England
Kathrine A. Shaffer
Carla J. Shah
Anubha Wadhwa

James E. Youker

Section of Cardiothoracic Radiology
Lawrence R. Goodman, Section Chief
Dhiraj Baruah

Kaushik S. Shahir

Section of Musculoskeletal Imaging and General Radiology
Guillermo F. Carrera, Section Chief
Keith E. Baynes
Ross M. Cerniglia

Robert P. Cronin
Melissa S. DuBois

Sujan Fernando
Rajeev Mannem
Michael E. Timins

Melissa M. Wein


Sean M. Tutton, Division Chief
Robert A. Hieb

Eric J. Hohenwalter
Parag J. Patel
William S. Rilling

Sarah B. White


Section of Informatics
Parag P. Tolat, Section Chief

Section of Medical Physics
Charles R. Wilson, Section Chief

Donald R. Jacobson


Section of Education
Mark D. Hohenwalter, Section Chief
Margaret H. Mulligan

Section of Imaging Research
Kathleen M. Schmainda, Section Chief
Edgar A. DeYoe
Peter LaViolette
Robert W. Prost
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