Congenital Muscle Disease (CMD) Tissue Repository

The Congenital Muscle Disease Tissue Repository (CMD-TR) is an IRB-approved biorepository at the Medical College of Wisconsin within the Lawlor Lab.

Tissue = a grouping of cells of the same type (muscle cells grouped together make muscle tissue)

CMD Tissue Repository Program Staff


To provide a free service to patients and families interested in supporting medical research and treatment options through tissue donation.


To make tissue samples from congenital muscle disease (CMD) patients available for research and treatment studies.


  1. To establish a large CMD tissue collection.
  2. To distribute tissue to scientists who study muscle disease.


December 2017 (PDF)

December 2016 (PDF)

December 2015 (PDF)

December 2014 (PDF)


The Congenital Muscle Disease International Registry (CMDIR)
About the CMDIR (PDF)

The Congenital Muscle Disease Biobank at Coriell (CMD BioBank)
About the CMD BioBank (PDF)

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CMD Tissue Repository Manager

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