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Research at MCW: Knowledge Changing Life

Science is the driver of innovation and knowledge that can change everything—from the way we define, diagnose, treat and prevent disease, to the methods we employ to improve our communities, to the types of training we offer to the next generation of healers, educators and researchers. 

Our Mission

Through laboratory research, clinical trials and community-engaged research, we seek answers. We collaborate with local, national and global innovators. We question everything, and we persevere through every stage of discovery in pursuit of life-changing advancements.

MCW Research by the Numbers

New discoveries and inventions reported in MCW’s FY 2022
Research studies, including clinical trials, conducted in MCW’s FY 2021
$318 million
Invested in research, teaching, training and related purposes in FY 2021
Pending and issued U.S. and foreign patents for research technologies

Our Core Research Focuses

Research Microscope Lab

Basic Science Research

A single idea, if properly pursued, is all it takes to save a life. MCW scientists are discovery-drivers, working to uncover more innovative and cutting-edge treatments with every study they conduct.

MCW Departments
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Translational Research

It’s one thing to observe something new, but quite another to turn it into improved treatments that positively impact health. Translational scientists do exactly that—translate science and research into real change.

Clinical and Translational Research
MCW Research

Research Resources

The Office of Research hosts this resource site to assist investigators and their teams with onboarding, funding, and shared resources.

Research Resources

Clinical Trials

Learn about research support services for Investigators and Coordinators, access feasibility, protocol, and approvals.

Clinical Trials for Researchers
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Research Centers

View all MCW faculty and staff affinity groups and partnerships coming together to advance prevention, therapeutics, and outcomes.

Collaborative Centers
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Cancer Trials

We conduct cancer clinical trials to provide cutting edge technologies and treatments and advance research outcomes for patients.

Cancer Center Clinical Trials
PW_Gallery_850x460 (003)

MCW launches Project Project gallery exhibit in partnership with Cardinal Stritch University

MCW is excited to partner with Cardinal Stritch University to engage faculty, staff, learners and the community in the creative interpretation of scientific research through a physical art gallery installation and opening event.

The exhibit will be held Friday, February 10 to April 28, 2023, at the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at Cardinal Stritch University. The Project Wonder exhibit will include 10 art pieces and two videos and will be free and open to the public. More information about the Gallery, including dates, times and directions, can be found on their website.

Medical College of Wisconsin in the Media

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MCW Researchers Changing Lives

We Unlock Mysteries

Dr. Krucoff joined MCW as a highly recruited physician-scientist conducting groundbreaking research and providing cutting-edge treatment for brain tumors. His research focuses on the development of techniques that modulate brain function through electrical stimulation. He hopes this work will expand on current surgical limitations and help make the removal of tumors safer and more complete for his patients.

We Improve Outcomes

Dr. Joseph Zenga, a head and neck surgical oncologist and assistant professor at MCW, is leveraging the power of research to help improve cancer outcomes for his patients. His team's research on an innovative pilot treatment, known as hypofractionated radiation, has the potential to reduce the length of radiation by weeks.

We Battle Cancer

For 20 years, Michele Battle, PhD, a development biologist and associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy at MCW, has worked to decipher the code on how cells develop and become specialized for different functions and why cells don't function properly in disease. The Battle Lab is currently focused on seeking this knowledge to better understand how to heal cancer cells.

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