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Medical College of Wisconsin - Making Connections with and in Our Community

Welcome! One of the longest and deepest values of the Medical College of Wisconsin is the belief that our impact should influence people’s health beyond healthcare. This concept has become the guiding philosophy of our outreach efforts across our state, region and throughout the world. By cultivating strong partnerships and making connections in and with our community, we have the power to advance the health and vitality of all. We invite you to reach out, connect and work with us as we strive towards this vision.
MCW Community Connection Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

MCW values our partnerships with countless individuals, schools, businesses and community organizations across the greater Milwaukee area and beyond. We invite you to reach out, connect and work with us.

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MCW Community Connection Partnership Opportunities

Request a Speaker

Coordinate an opportunity for one of our world-class experts to speak at your school, business, club, organization or community event.

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MCW Community Conversations with Zeno Franco, PhD

Join the Conversation

The health of our Milwaukee-area community is at the heart of everything we do. This focus on Milwaukee is the driving force behind Community Conversations, a series of critical discussions on health reflecting a diversity of experiences.

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Coffee Conversations with Scientists


Join us live or tune into a previous discussion on the latest in science and medicine as it applies to our everyday lives.

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Valuing Partnerships and Diversity

At MCW, we believe the only way to build a healthier world, is to build it together. MCW has many partnerships and we value these partnerships. Whether it is with other academic or healthcare institutions, or the countless businesses or community organizations across the greater Milwaukee area and beyond, we know these partnerships are the key to improving health. We also believe that embracing human differences is critical to realize our vision of a healthier world, and we recognize that a healthy and thriving community starts from within. We strive for a culture of inclusive excellence that enables us to eliminate health and well-being disparities by addressing social equity, determinants of health and health justice through partnership and generational commitments in and with our community. 

Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin

Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin

AHW reaches statewide, propelling the most promising work and ideas to build a healthier Wisconsin for generations to come. The endowment advances research that improves lives, helps educate future health leaders for all of Wisconsin and assists partners in creating real change, leading to better policies, systems and programs so we can all enjoy better health. 

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ThriveOn Collaboration

ThriveOn Collaboration

MCW, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Royal Capital Group maintain a joint vision for a Milwaukee that is equitable, healthy and thriving for all. Achieving this vision requires focusing on places where investment has been scarce and supporting people of color, who are disproportionately affected by health and social disparities.    

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

MCW envisions a healthier world that is just, equitable and thriving for everyone, a world where social and human differences are drivers of health and well-being, not barriers. We are committed to the intentional actions it will take to achieve this vision.   

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Our Reach

MCW believes the only way to build a healthier world is to build it together. Our teams work in collaboration with hundreds of organizations to engage community members, and our programs are aimed at addressing the most pressing issues affecting health and equity in southeastern Wisconsin, as well as in communities across the state and around the globe.

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