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2017 Threat Assessment & Management with a Healthcare Focus Seminar

Threat Assessment & Management with a Healthcare Focus Seminar

Nov. 1-3 | Kohler, WI

For more information view the seminar brochure (PDF) or visit the event registration page.

Article: Healthcare Threat Management - What's Different & Why (PDF)

Destination Kohler

The Medical College of Wisconsin has a strong and abiding commitment to ensure its compliance with the regulatory requirements that govern our missions of Education, Research, Patient Care, and Community Service.

The main function of the Corporate Compliance Program is to create a comprehensive strategy to ensure the College is consistently complying with the federal and state regulations relating to our missions. The Division of Corporate Compliance has four offices that assist with this function: The Clinical Compliance Office, the Internal Audit Office, the Research Compliance Office and the Risk Management Office.

Clinical Compliance: The mission of the Clinical Compliance Office is to ensure the College and its faculty physicians comply with the regulatory requirements of a group practice including but not limited to documentation, coding & billing of professional fee reimbursement, HIPAA, Fraud & Abuse Laws, EMTALA, Stark, and Anti-Kickback regulations. This mission is accomplished through educational sessions, clarification of specific regulatory issues, and internal reviews/audits.

Internal Audit: The mission of the Internal Audit Office is to provide a wide range of quality audit services to our customers at the College and to support their efforts in being an institution dedicated to leadership and excellence in: Education, Research, Patient Care and Community Service. The audits performed by the Internal Audit Office appraise the potential risks associated with various activities and the effectiveness and application of appropriate controls to limit those risks. The types of audits provided by Internal Audit fall into three main categories: Process Audits, Compliance/Regulatory Audits, and Financial Audits.

Research Compliance: The mission of the Research Compliance Office is to ensure that the College and its Faculty Researchers comply with the regulatory requirements of conducting research including but not limited to financial management associated with NIH grants, Human Research Protection Regulations, Effort Reporting, Financial Conflicts of Interest, and Clinical Trial Billing. This mission is accomplished through Process Audits, Regulatory Audits, and Financial Audits.

Risk Management: The mission of the Risk Management Office is to provide consultation and assistance in patient care matters involving potential risks, potential litigation and litigation. The office works closely with the risk management offices of our affiliated hospitals.