About the Institute for Health & Equity

About IHE

The MCW Institute for Health & Equity is a dynamic team of professional researchers determined to find the root causes of health disparities in our communities and identify ways to overcome them. Through innovative research in bioethics, biostatistics, community health and epidemiology, the institute improves health for vulnerable populations throughout Wisconsin. We also educate the next generation of health researchers through our graduate education programs, medical education pathways and health sciences programs in the local school systems.


The mission of the Institute for Health & Equity is to improve health and advance equity through partnerships and to integrate medicine and population health.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrate public and community health across research, education, clinical, and community initiatives.
  • Foster collaboration among departments and disciplines, and strengthen relationships with community.
  • Build capacity by creating and strengthening effective partnerships that are innovative and mutually beneficial.
  • Share power and resources equitably among partners to maximize effective outcomes.
  • Nurture programs in public health disciplines and encourage methodological research in biostatistics, bioethics, and global health.


In  2010, the MCW Department of Population Health was restructured to become the Institute for Health and Society in recognition of its prominent role in MCW’s expanded work in community health, as well as clinical and translational sciences. In 2017, the Institute underwent its second evolution to become the Institute for Health & Equity to align with its leadership in advancing community health initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable populations throughout Wisconsin. 

Contact Us

Institute for Health & Equity

8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-0509
O: (414) 955-8800 | F: (414) 955-0176

Divisions within the Institute for Health & Equity

Center for Bioethics & Medical Humanities | (414) 955-8498 ~ bioethics@mcw.edu
Community Health Division | (414) 955-8800 ~ ihe@mcw.edu
Division of Biostatistics | (414) 955-7439 ~  jward@mcw.edu
Division of Epidemiology | (414) 955-4102 ~ rhill@mcw.edu