Todd StollenwerkTodd Stollenwerk

Research Interest



BS, 2015, Brigham Young University
Majors: Molecular Biology and Biophysics; Minors: Spanish and Ballroom Dance

Research Experience

Medical College of Wisconsin, 2015-2016
Advisor: Cecilia Hillard, PhD
Project: Role of endocannabinoids in stress-potentiated reinstatement of addictive behavior in a model of rat cocaine self-administration.

Medical College of Wisconsin, 2015-2016
Advisor: Nashaat Gerges, PhD
Project: Regulation of neurogranin, a synaptic regulator of CaM, through microRNAs and post-translational modifications.

Medical College of Wisconsin, 2007-2008, 2011
Advisors: Phillip Pratt, PhD, and David Warltier, MD PhD
Project: Role of near infrared light in nitric oxide production and cardioprotection against ischemia/reperfusion injury.


waterskiing, piano, ballroom dance