Benjamin D'Angelo, PhD


Assistant Professor

Psychologist, Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center and Cleveland (WI) VA Outpatient Clinic

(920) 693-5600

Dr. D'Angelo completed his internship at the VA Medical Center after receiving his doctorate from Marquette University. He attended Miami (OH) University for his Undergraduate training. Dr. D'Angelo's academic interests include: research on substance abuse treatment, help-seeking behavior, and factors that influence outcome in cognitive-behavioral treatments for certain medical conditions.

Selected publications:

  • Saunders, S., Zygowics, K. D’Angelo, B., & Klockow, L. (2006). Person-related and treatment- related barriers to alcohol treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 30, 261- 270.
  • McKiernan, K., D’Angelo, B., Kaufman, J., & Binder, J. (2006). Interrupting the “Stream of Consciousness”: An fMRI Investigation. Neuroimage, 29, 1185-1191.
  • D’Angelo, B. & Wierzbicki, M. (2003). Relations of daily hassles and both anxious and depressed mood in students. Psychological Reports, 92, 416-418.