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Clara Bosco

Clara Bosco

Clara Bosco, BA, MD Candidate

Student Member, P-METaL Lab, Kern Institute


Clara Bosco is a fourth-year medical student at MCW going into General Surgery. She received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Creighton University where she pursued research in medieval ethics along with her pre-med studies. Since coming to MCW in 2018, she has continued to pursue her philosophical interests through her research in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine under the guidance of Fabrice Jotterand, PhD. She also participated in the Bioethics and Medical Humanities Pathway where she studied the impact of artificial intelligence on the doctor-patient relationship. In addition to her academic studies and research work, she has contributed to the institution and community through her leadership role as the Founder and President of the MCW Philosophy Club, a medical student discussion group meant to connect students on a deeper level through reflection, discussion, and debate about the profession of medicine.