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Emeleeta Paintsil

Emeleeta Paintsil_Academic Profile

Emeleeta Paintsil

Graduate Student


  • Biochemistry

Contact Information


Mentor: Emma Morrison, PhD
Year in IDP: 2nd
Previous Education: University of Iowa

Research Interests

Studying mechanisms of chromatin regulation at the mononucleosome level with a focus on the centromeric H3 histone variant Centromeric Protein-A (CENPA). Research interests: Nucleosome structure, dynamics, and regulation.


Hammonds, Erin F., Megan Cleland Harwig, Emeleeta A. Paintsil, Emma A. Tillison, R. Blake Hill, and Emma A. Morrison.
Histone H3 and H4 Tails Play an Important Role in Nucleosome Phase Separation.” Biophysical Chemistry 283 (April 2022): 106767.