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Erika Shaw

Erika Shaw_Academic Profile

Erika Shaw

Year Entered MCW: 2018

Faculty Advisor

  • Daniel Lipinski


  • Cell and Developmental Biology

Contact Information


BS, Biology, Wisconsin Lutheran College


I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana and moved to Milwaukee in 2014 to begin my undergraduate education at Wisconsin Lutheran College. During my undergraduate education, I focused my research on the development of the central nervous system in zebrafish. In 2018, I earned a BS in biology and began my graduate education through the neuroscience doctoral program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. My goal for my research under Dr. Daniel Lipinski is to aid in the development of therapeutic strategies for degenerative diseases of the eye.

Research Interests

The role of RPE in age-related macular degeneration and developing gene therapy treatments to prevent and protect against geographic atrophy.