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Selahattin S. Kurter, MD

Selahattin Kurter, MD

Selahattin S. Kurter, MD

West Grove Clinical Faculty


Dr. Kurter is one of Milwaukee's leading experts in the field of Addiction Medicine. He carries a dual board certification in Addiction Medicine as well as Psychiatry and Neurology. During his residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, he was appointed to the prestigious position of Chief Resident. Dr. Kurter continues to hold a position as an Associate Clinical Professor for the Medical College of Wisconsin, as well as Executive Counsel Member of the Wisconsin Psychiatric Association. His expertise in treating Opiate Dependence with the medication Suboxone, or Buprenorphine, has led other physicians to seek him out for training in best practice procedures for prescribing this medication. Dr. Kurter also has vast experience in treating pregnant mothers who are addicted to opiates, including heroin. He has overseen the care of more than 40 women suffering with addiction to opiates, throughout pregnancy and delivery. Keeping an eye for the tried and true proven techniques while implementing new and innovative techniques to improve outcomes for his patients positions Dr. Kurter at the front edge of addiction treatment in the Milwaukee area. He is available to speak on the topic of Opiate Addiction and its links to underlying mental health issues, or co-occurring disorders. He brings a deeper understanding of the chemical composition of the addicted brain and the necessary steps to bring wholeness and sobriety into the patient's life. He is also able to address common concerns and misconceptions surrounding the role of medication management in the treatment of substance abuse. As a native of Milwaukee, Dr. Kurter is passionate about introducing his knowledge of the medical aspects of addiction to the discussion of the heroin epidemic plaguing our area.