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Office of Government and Community Relations


The Office of Government and Community Relations serves the Medical College of Wisconsin by administering, enhancing, and building MCW’s relationships with federal, state and local elected officials and government agencies, as well as with civic leaders and representatives from community based organizations to encourage investment in and support for the College. The Office coordinates MCW’s response to a wide range of political and policy issues, and advises faculty, staff and students on strategies to facilitate constructive dialogue with government and community leaders.
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Key Functions

The Office of Government and Community Relations is charged by the President and Board of Trustees to advance the interests of the Medical College of Wisconsin in a non-partisan, transparent and executive manner. Its operations are strategically designed to create an ethical environment within the College and among its external constituencies to promote its four missions. The Office conducts itself as an ambassador of MCW without regard to one particular area of research or discipline.

Our Mission

The Office of Government and Community Relations (GCR) is dedicated to advancing the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) mission to be a national leader in the education and development of the next generation of physicians and scientists; to discover and translate new knowledge in the biomedical sciences; to provide cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and compassionate clinical care of the highest quality; and to improve the health of the communities we serve.

To that end, the mission of GCR is to serve as the link and voice among MCW, policymakers at the federal, state and local levels, and neighbors, civic organizations and businesses. The Office acts as the primary liaison and advocate to these stakeholders on behalf of MCW by fostering open communication, understanding and collaboration to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.
The functions of government and community relations are complementary charges. MCW’s government relations-led initiatives provide a unique opportunity to inspire and call to action significant levels of community involvement. Conversely, community-based collaborations, partnerships and coalitions serve as key drivers for MCW’s overall success.

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Kathryn A. Kuhn

Vice President

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Nathan Berken

Director of Government Relations

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The Office of Government and Community Relations works in close collaboration with Paragon Government Relations in Washington DC, Capstone National Partners in Washington DC, Hoven Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin, and Malik Communications, Inc., Milwaukee.

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