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KINETIC3 Teaching Academy

KINETIC3 is a faculty development program which provides foundational and transformational training for medical educators in teaching competence, character and caring in medical education, and entrepreneurial-minded learning, using an interactive classroom. Great emphasis is placed on fostering the skills needed for the 21st century medical educator, building a community of highly-skilled educators at MCW, and promoting faculty and student well-being.
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Celebrate with us!

2019 KINETIC3 Faculty Teaching Academy

Please join us in celebrating the completion of the 2018-19 KINETIC3 Teaching Academy with a capstone poster session, oral presentations, pinning ceremony, and light refreshments. Learn about each of the capstone projects completed by the Academy's learners this year, and help congratulate all the learners, mentors, and faculty on a successful inaugural year!

Wednesday, June 5 | Alumni Center, 3 – 4:45 pm

Academy Curriculum

The KINETIC3 curriculum runs the course of a year beginning each July. The program prepares faculty to innovate, produce scholarship, and become leaders in educating across the medical continuum. Each participant chooses an educational capstone project to work on throughout the program and receives mentored support.

Academy Goals

The goals of the KINETIC3 Faculty Teaching Academy are to:

  • Engage and equip a teaching community that brings cutting edge effective, and evidence-based medical curricula to diverse populations
  • Integrate character, caring, and competence and well-being into medical education and practice
  • Nurture faculty members’ skills, confidence, and satisfaction as educators and role models
Class of 2018-19

Alexandria Bear | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Angela Beckert | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Anita Bublik-Anderson | MCW-Central Wisconsin

Becky Buelow | MCW-Green Bay

Karen-Sue Carlson | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Sonal Chandratre | MCW-Central Wisconsin

Erica Chou | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

John Cox | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Ashley Cunningham | MCW-Milwaukee | Pathology

Chris Dodgion | MCW-Milwaukee | Surgery

Dave Ferguson | MCW-Green Bay

Renee Foutz | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Jeff Fritz | MCW-Central Wisconsin

Kavita Gadhok | MCW-Milwaukee | Anesthesiology

Kyle Goham | MCW-Milwaukee | Anesthesiology

Erin Green | MCW-Green Bay

Brian Hilgeman | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Tristram Hill | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Judy Hoggatt | MCW-Milwaukee | Ophthalmology

Kenneth Jacobsohn | MCW-Milwaukee | Urology

Pinky Jha | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Sara Lauck | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Roy Long | MCW-Central Wisconsin

Theresa Maatman | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Shilpa Narayan | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Teresa Patitucci | MCW-Milwaukee | Cell Biology

Brittany Player | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Katherine Recka | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

Thomas Robey | MCW-Milwaukee | Otolaryngology

Amanda Rogers | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Carley Sauter | MCW-Milwaukee | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Robert Sedlacek | MCW-Central Wisconsin

Monica Shukla | MCW-Milwaukee | Radiation Oncology

Joshua Timpe | MCW-Milwaukee | Emergency Medicine

James Warpinski | MCW-Green Bay

Scott Welak | MCW-Milwaukee | Pediatrics

Christopher White | MCW-Milwaukee | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Krista Wiger | MCW-Milwaukee | Medicine

2018-19 Courses

Core Courses

  • Character in Education
  • Educational Scholarship
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Entrepreneurial-Minded Learning
  • Curriculum and Course Design
  • Teaching Methods
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching in Medical Education
  • Caring Attitudes in Education

Elective Courses

  • Writing Multiple Choice Questions
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Making Bedside Teaching Count
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Teaching Health Care Systems and Health Policy
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Remediation of Medical Learners: Opportunity for Success
  • Narrative, Stories and Reflection in Clinical Teaching and Clinical Care
2018-19 Capstone Projects

Alexandria J. Bear; Katherine Recka
Utilization of the DISC assessment tool to elucidate communication styles in an effort to improve communication skills and resiliency for medical providers and trainees
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Character

Angela Beckert
Medicine-Geriatrics integrated residency and fellowship
Primary C: Competence

Anita Bublik-Anderson; Sonal Chandratre; Robert Sedlacek
Integration of basic sciences and clinical skills in chronic pain management curriculum
Primary C: Competence

Becky Buelow; Erin Green
Pediatric clerkship review escape room
Primary C: Competence

Karen Sue Carlson; Krista Wiger
Perspective taking in oncology
Primary C: Character | Secondary C: Competence

Erica Chou; Sara Lauck
Does your character have character? Building character through medical improvisation
Primary C: Character

John-Michael Cox
Identifying character teaching moments in medicine
Primary C: Character | Secondary C: Caring

Ashley Cunningham
Pathology resident education in coagulation
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring

Chris Dodgion
Improving the quality/utility of medical student evaluations on a surgical rotation
Primary C: Competence

David Ferguson
Evaluating diagnostic tests
Primary C: Competence

Renee Foutz
Emergency medicine communication skills workshop
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring

Jeff Fritz; Roy Long; Teresa Patitucci
Reflective practice and self-assessment in an undergraduate medical education anatomy course
Primary C: Caring | Secondary C: Character

Kavita Gadhok
Is simulation a useful tool in enhancing the skills needed for clinical practice?
Primary C: Competence

Kyle Goham
OSCE's as an indicator of early clinical performance in anesthesia training programs
Primary C: Competence

Brian Hilgeman
The impact of “Tweet”-style patient reflections and rotating in a high-need, high-cost clinic during a M4 ambulatory rotation: A mixed methods study
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Character

Tristram Hill
Creating an educational curriculum for the observation unit
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring/Character

Judy Hoggatt
M3 ophthalmology elective: Faculty understanding of learning requirements and teaching expectations
Primary C: Competence

Kenneth Jacobsohn
Culinary medicine elective
Primary C: Competence

Pinky Jha
Perceptions and experiences of medical students of compassion and empathy training at the Medical College of Wisconsin
Primary C: Caring

Theresa Maatman
Surgical orientation comic book
Primary C: Competence

Shilpa Narayan
Utilization of a smart-phone application to assist with resuscitation of critically-ill pediatric patients
Primary C: Competence

Brittany Player
Direct observation of senior resident teaching on family-centered rounds
Primary C: Competence

Thomas Robey
Curating resources and evaluating its impact on surgical preparedness
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring

Amanda Rogers
Improve the quality and frequency of simulation-based medication education
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring/Character

Carley Sauter; Christopher White
Teaching person-centered language
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring/Character

Monica Shukla
Virtual follow-up following palliative radiotherapy
Primary C: Competence | Secondary C: Caring

Joshua Timpe
A wilderness medicine course's impact on student's leadership skills
Primary C: Character

James Warpinski
Does your character have character? Building character through medical improvisation
Primary C: Character

Scott Welak
Compassion in NICU communication
Primary C: Character

Academy Scholarship
“Does Your Character Have Character? Building Character Through Medical Improv”
By Erica Chou, MD; MaryAnn Gilligan, MD; Sara Lauck, MD
Innovations in Healthcare Education Research Conference
Thursday, April 25, 2019 | Medical College of Wisconsin

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Advisory Committee


Alexandra Harrington, MD, MT (ASCP)

Director, Faculty Pillar, Kern Institute


Bruce H. Campbell, MD

Member, Faculty Pillar, Kern Institute


Kristina Kaljo, PhD

Member, Faculty and Cross Pillars, Kern Institute


Karen J. Marcdante, MD

Member, Faculty Pillar, Kern Institute


Kerrie Quirk

Program Manager I


Bipin Thapa, MD, MS, FACP

Member, Faculty Pillar, Kern Institute


Robert Treat, PhD

Associate Professor; Director of Measurement and Evaluation in the Office of Academic Affairs

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