Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education

Medical Education Researcher

The Medical Education Research (MER) track is a two-year, intensive research experience where participants will: ideate, implement, and disseminate a medical education research project, incorporating character and caring as the foundation.

How Will the K3 Medical Education Researcher Experience Benefit You?

In addition to monthly in-person bootcamps targeting current, best practice in medical education, the Medical Education Researcher track offers:

  • Individualized writing coaches and research mentors to support your scholarship from ideation to dissemination
  • Opportunity to present scholarship at the Medical College of Wisconsin Innovations in Health Education Research Conference
  • Kinetic3 Certificate of Completion with recognition shared with your department’s leadership
  • A wide professional network of medical educators at the regional and national level
  • Supplemental funding to present at a medical education conference to present one’s Kinetic3 scholarship


  • Alternating day-long (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) boot camps <<will meet Fridays, specific months>> and one-hour writing circles (10 a.m.-12p.m.) <<will meet Fridays, specific months>>
  • Please expect to allocate an additional 10 hours of work a month
  • There is a required 80% attendance, and these are in person on the Milwaukee MCW campus. All bootcamp and writing circle dates will be provided 60-90 days in advance to accommodate clinical obligations
  • The first MER session is the Kinetic3 Orientation, which is scheduled for July 2022.
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Medical Education Researcher Track List of Sessions:

Orientation - July
Graduation - June
Year 1 (July-June)
  • July - Orientation
  • August - Character Moments and Intro to Capstones
  • September - Curiosity Boot Camp Day 1
  • October - Curiosity Boot Camp Day 2
  • November - Writing Circle
  • December Break
  • January - Connections Boot Camp Day 1
  • February - Connections Boot Camp Day 2
  • March - Writing Circle
  • April - Innovation Boot Camp Day 1
  • May - Innovation Boot Camp Day 2
  • June - Writing Circle
Year 2 (July-June)
  • July Break
  • August - Innovation Boot Camp Day 3
  • September - IHER Conference to Attend
  • October- Writing Circle
  • November - Pilot or Pivot Boot Camp Day 1
  • December Break
  • January - Writing Circle
  • February - Creating Value Boot Camp Day 1
  • March - Creating Value Boot Camp Day 2
  • April - Writing Circle
  • May - Creating Value Boot Camp Day 3
  • June - Graduation - Congratulations!
Year 3 - (September)
  • IHER Conference / Poster Presentation of Capstone Project

What is a Writing Circle?

What is a Medical Education Researcher Writing Circle?

Scaffolding to encourage:

  • Discussion between learners
  • Critical reflection on self as a researcher
  • Protected time to work on the Capstone
  • Mentorship with experienced (K3) medical education researcher
  • Own manuscript and scholarship after program

Read or view scholarship literature, other mediums>Work on a section of the Capstone worksheet>Engage in narrative reflection and discussion prompts