Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Institute for the Transformation of Medical Education

Kern Institute Transformation Teams

The Kern Institute is organized into five pillars and three labs, each differentiated by their individual focus.

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Clinical Learning Environment Pillar

This team focuses on innovating the many ways in which our students learn in the different environments and team settings.

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Community & Institutional Engagement Pillar

This team focuses on advancing the Triple Aim of Medical Education by hosting special events featuring authors and content experts in the areas of character, competence and caring.

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Faculty Pillar

This team focuses on facilitating innovative thinking among faculty to connect with students in collaborative and interactive ways.

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Graduate Medical Education (GME) Pillar

This team focuses on personal well-being, caring and character for our residents and fellows; creating a culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within residency/fellowship programs; and facilitating competence in communication and other clinical skills acquisition through innovative programming.

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Human-Centered Design Lab

This lab focuses on partnering across the MCW/Froedtert health system to help departments, committees, pathways and groups solve problems and advance their projects using inclusive, creative problem-solving techniques and human-centered design methodology.

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Philosophies of Medical Education Transformation Laboratory (P-METaL)

This lab focuses on foundational scholarship and research to guide education initiatives aiming at the transformation of medical education.

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Student Pillar

This team focuses on promoting innovative learning experiences that nurture students to become the best physicians they can be.

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Data Science Lab

The Data Science lab focuses on partnering with Kern Pillars and labs to support the process of aligning curriculum objectives with outcome measures to ensure important outcomes of interest are not missed or captured in a way that will bias conclusions. The lab supports scholars and conducts research.

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