Amanda Gross, BAS

Amanda Gross, BAS

APP Fellowship Education Coordinator


Bachelor of Arts and Science, Organizational Leadership and Development

Joined MCW in 2016 and worked for Froedtert Health since 2006


Teaching & Leadership Philosophy

Everyone has their own learning style and challenges. As a leader and educator, it is our job to support learner’s objectives and goals to ensure their success and career longevity.

Interests and Background

I love volunteering and supporting my community, especially at my home in Northern Wisconsin. When I am not working, I enjoy taking long ATV rides, boating on local lakes, and traveling with my family and dogs.

Patient Care Area & Experience

I worked as a phlebotomy trainer in my early career before trading in my lab coat for several administrative roles within the organizations.

Education Experience

Role in the APP Fellowship Program
Technology Administrator and Education Coordinator

Why are you an educator in the APP Fellowship Programs?
I enjoy teaching fellows how to navigate the robust technological resources Froedtert & the Medical College has to offer specifically the programs we utilize across our programs and is very rewarding.

Advice for potential APP Fellowship Applicants
Flexibility within the program and within your own learning will help you succeed. Critical Care is a fast-paced, evolving environment that requires agility and flexibility. Remember you are here to learn and will not learn everything in your first day, so allow yourself time to learn and forgive yourself when you make a mistake—we are all here to help you succeed.