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Tap into the Wisconsin Child Abuse Network (WI CAN) for Continuing Education

Formed in 2009, the Wisconsin Child Abuse Network (WI CAN) is an inter-disciplinary public-private partnership dedicated to improving the response to, and accuracy of, child abuse investigations. WI CAN is led by representatives of state departments, community-based organizations, professional associations, in addition to the state’s medical universities and children’s hospitals. WI CAN creates an environment where multidisciplinary professionals work cooperatively to learn more about child abuse to achieve the goal of the most ideal outcome for every child.

In 2022, WI CAN provided 501 continuing education hours, free, to professionals across North America (16 states and territories). The WI CAN Educational Series offers web-based lectures and case-based discussions on the third Friday of each month on topics related to child maltreatment, delivered, and led by subject matter experts. The target audience consists of physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, other allied health professionals, law enforcement officials, social workers, and attorneys. The goal of the educational series is to improve the recognition of child maltreatment and the management of cases when child maltreatment is a concern.

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The Child Advocacy and Protection Services (CAPS) program works in collaboration with WI CAN having members on its leadership team and presenting for the monthly educational webinar series. These webinars provide a better understanding of medical decisions made in the determination of child maltreatment or of a medical mimic. The objective of this educational series is for improving detection; understanding the role of the health care provider in evaluating suspected maltreatment and their role in reporting, as well as considering other conditions which could mimic suspected maltreatment injuries.

For additional information on WI CAN, to listen to any previous recorded topics or register for the monthly webinar, please visit their website.