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Erin Syverson-Academic Profile

Erin Syverson, MGC, CGC

Assistant Professor; Director of Curriculum, Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program; Assistant Program Director

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My clinical focus as a genetic counselor has been on rare disease, particularly in the pediatric realm. Many of our patients/their families are not only grappling with significant health concerns, but oftentimes they are the only ones in their family or community to hold their particular diagnosis – so it is extremely important that they have the resources they need to understand their diagnosis and advocate for themselves and their families. Thus, empowering patients to understand the underlying cause and implications of their (or their child/family’s) health concerns is one of my favorite aspects of being a genetic counselor.

I have always known that the education of students would be an aspect of my ultimate career path, and it has been a true honor to help develop and implement the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling (MSGC) program here at MCW. While developing and teaching this curriculum, it has been my utmost priority that our students see the relevancy to patient care in all that they learn, including their basic science courses. Genetic counselors and the knowledge we hold do not exist in silo; all that we do and know is deeply intertwined with the status, needs, and contributions of our larger community and society. My hope for our students is that they will enter the field as compassionate, authentic, and socially conscious professionals who continue to work to make high-quality genetic services accessible, equitable, and open to all our unique patients.