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Meet the Medical College of Wisconsin Quantitative Health Sciences Team

Ke Yan, PhD


Associate Professor and Interim Section Chief
Fun Fact: Enjoy playing puzzle games.  Love watching sports games, a big fan of soccer World Cup.

Amy Pan, PhD

Yumei Pan_Amy

Associate Professor and Associate Director
Fun Fact: A tennis fan and enjoy playing tennis for fun.

Melodee Nugent Liegl, MA


Program Manager/Senior Biostatistician
Fun Fact: I have been a swimmer for many years and love marathon swimming and open water races, especially in the tropics.

Mahua Dasgupta, MS


Senior Biostatistician
Fun fact: Enjoys handicrafts and painting

Jody Barbeau, BS


Database Administrator
Fun fact: I’m interested in pollinator gardening and growing native plants from seed.

Liyun Zhang, MS


Senior Biostatistician
Fun fact: Love cats and interested in all kinds of supernatural phenomena.

Jian Zhang, PhD


Senior Biostatistician
Fun fact: I enjoy cooking Chinese dishes, and in the summer, I like grilling meat and vegetables.

Sai Alekha Challa, MPH

692a Challa Sai Alekha 10192022 5x7c

Fun fact: Enjoys visiting National Parks and doing Sudoku.

Cindy Feltz


Senior Administrative Assistant
Fun fact: Amateur genealogist and enjoys backpacking/back country camping.

Pippa M. Simpson, PhD


Professor Emeritus
MCW Physician Profile
Fun Fact: I had an ex-police motorcycle when I was young and foolish.

Joint Faculty Member

Chien-Wei (Masaki) Lin, PhD

Chien Wie Lin PhD

Assistant Professor